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Welcome to Decker Worm Sales Earthworm Superstore! We offer a fantastic selection of the finest Earthworms available. Here you will be able to purchase Eisenia FetidaEisenia Hortensis, Eudrillus Eugeniae. You probably know them better as the Red Worm, European Nightcrawler, African Nightcrawler. 

Not sure which variety of worm you should purchase today? Head over to the Earthworm Varieties page for a brief explanation of each worm's positive attributes, along with circumstances in which they are not the ideal worm to buy. You can also click on any of the photos below to go to the product page for that earthworm, where you will find much more information. Once you decide which worm is ideally suited for your needs, simply add them to the cart and pay for your purchase from the product page. 

If you are new to composting with worms, check out the Composting Information page for detailed instructions on setting up your very own worm bin. Red Worms are the ideal candidate for creating worm castings, which we call God's fertilizer. Your plants will thank you! 


If you have questions, you can use the Contact Us page to send us a note, and we will return your call or send an email. We kindly ask that you look around the website, and check out the FAQ's page (Frequently asked questions) before contacting us as your questions may be answered elsewhere on this website.   

Decker Worm Sales accepts all major credit cards, and you can also pay directly using a PayPal account. Checks are also accepted. If you plan to pay by check, add your desired amount and species of worm to your cart, and go to the cart page. From there, click the 'Pay by Check' button and follow the instructions. Please continue the purchase all the way to the end and submit your purchase, or we have no way of knowing you've made a purchase. Worms will be shipped upon receipt of check. 

To purchase your earthworms, click the photo below for your preferred earthworm choice, add the
desired quantity to your shopping cart and continue on to the cart page to complete your purchase. 

* The Internet explorer browser cannot be used to purchase worms from this website due to compatibility issues. See the home page for supported browsers.*

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