While their scientific name is Eisenia Hortensis, the European Nightcrawler is known by other various names such as Trout Worms, Panfish Worms, Leaf Worms, Jumbo Red Worms, Dutch Worms, Super Reds, or most commonly, Euro's. In any given name, the Euro is an excellent worm for you anglers, or they make short work of composting kitchen waste into worm castings, making you organic gardeners happy! 

Sometimes known as the Red Worm's bigger cousin, the European Nightcrawler can grow to about twice as large as the Red Worm and can serve a number of purposes. This makes the European Nightcrawler a jack of all trades earthworm. He's just as happy hanging out on the end of your fishing pole just waiting to be eaten by a beautiful trout, as he is milling around your garden or compost bin eating his way through your organic waste. Okay, maybe he's not as happy - but our customers sure are! 


European Nightcrawlers can grow to as large as 7 or even 8 inches at full maturuity with the average being around 5 inches in length. The biggest  and fattest among them may be as wide as a pencil. For you anglers, the Euro is a very active wriggler. Any panfish will love to take a nibble, and he's especially suitable for sunfish, bass, walleye, or the aforementioned trout. But almost any species of fish that enjoys a worm snack will go for the European Nightcrawler. 


For organic gardeners, Euro's have a good appetite! They are an excellent earthworm for your composter, and live happily alongside Red Worms in the same composting bin. Like their slightly smaller cousin, the Red Worm, the Euro is excellent at creating worm castings, also called worm manure or worm poop. They don't eat quite as much as a Red Worm, but these worms eat plenty enough to make nutrient-rich worm castings to add to your organic garden.


If you don't have a composting bin, don't worry because the European Nightcrawler enjoys being added directly into your garden where they will go about aerating and enhancing the soil while munching on grass, leaves, and other organic decaying matter.  


The European Nightcrawler is also an excellent earthworm to start your very own mini worm farm. They breed quickly, and new hatchlings become mature breeders at about 13 weeks of age. Under the most ideal circumstances, you can double your worm population roughly every 3 months. As always, your mileage may vary! Like anything else, there are variables that will impact reproduction rates such as sources of food, moisutres condition of the bedding, and the ambient temperature. 

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European Nightcrawlers

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