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The African Nightcrawler (Eudrilus Eugeniae) earns it's name easily. This earthworm hales from the hot region of West Africa. For that reason, these wrigglers are quite cold sensitive and are not suitable for colder climates or the winter in general, without added heating.


 While the African is a fantastic earthworm for our friends in the south, it's still possible to raise African's in cooler climates if you are able to house African night crawlers indoors, such as an enclosed garage or barn. It's important to monitor their bedding temperatures in these conditions. Once bedding temperature falls much below 60 F, they are in danger of dying off. 


Other than potential hardiness issues, the African Nightcrawler has a lot of attributes that make it a great all-around choice for vermicomposting or fishing alike.   


African Nightcrawlers have a distinctive mix of a grey and purple coloring and grow to over twice the size of red worms, These are large, muscular worms that produce very large worm castings, and are known to do so faster than any other Earthworm! For that reason, they are a star for the southern organic gardener. 


If left uncrowded in their worm bin, with plenty of room to roam they will become very plump (and tasty) to any hungry fish! And they need no refrigeration at all.


They can tolerate a fairly hot environment, although like any other living organism, they have their upper limits so care still needs to be taken not to overheat them. We recommend that worm bins not reach more than 85 degrees, although they may be able to take 90 degrees for short periods of time. 

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* Important Note:  African Night Crawlers are currently out of stock.*


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African Nightcrawlers

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