Earthworm Varieties  

Which Earthworm should I purchase? Which is right for me? 

Which worm indeed! This is probably the most frequent question we get. And in many cases, the answer is more than one species of Earthworm will do the trick for the task you have in mind. We will do do our best here to help you pick the right worm for your needs. For the most part, there are three broad ways that Earthworms are used: for composting, for fishing, and for gardeners who plan to introduce worms directly into their garden.


Many times, people may want a worm that can pull double duty! We will give you a high level overview of the four Earthworm species that we carry and why a particular type may suit your needs. Once you look over the information on this page, go to the Worms Superstore page. There you will find all four of these worms, with much more information, along with current pricing. Find the worm that best suits your needs, consider how many you think you may need, add them to your cart, and checkout via PayPal. We will get your worms delivered to you as quickly as possible. 

Red Worms

Best used for: Composting

The Red Worm is God's living composter!  Red Worms compost material the quickest of any worm and as a bonus, they are quick breeders. They are also quite tolerant of differing environmental conditions. If you are new to using worms for composting, this is likely the best variety to start your new hobby. While they can also be used for fishing, these red wrigglers are a little on the small side. We think there are better choices. However, if your primary interest is composting, and you want to take a handful along on your next fishing trip, by all means, go for it! for various reasons, Red Worms are not appropriate for gardeners that want to buy worms simply to introduce them to the garden in our opinion. They really need to be in a composter, eating decaying matter. Red Worms can tolerate very warm composters quite well, and tend to stay close to the surface happily munching away on organic kitchen waste. 

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European Nightcrawlers
Best used for:  Fishing, Gardens & Composting

The European Nightcrawler is closely related to his smaller brother, the Red Worm. The biggest noticeable difference is size, thus making the Euro a great bait worm. Panfish, trout, bass, and many other species will enjoy a European Nightcrawler snack! They also have a thick skin, and can burrow deep into the soil , finding the right level of moisture to thrive. As such, this Earthworm is suitable for organic gardeners that introduce them directly into the garden. They will not only aerate the soil, but also do a great job at creating God's fertilizer, AKA, worm castings. The European Nightcrawler is also a good composting worm and is a close second in how quickly this they can consume composting material. As mentioned, they like to burrow more deeply, and can "find" food that the Red Worm may not find. As such, some folks like to use both Red Worms as well as Euro's in their composting bin. They are also pretty tolerant of less than ideal conditions, similar to the Red Worm.

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African Nightcrawlers
Best used for:  Fishing & Composting

African Nightcrawlers are the largest worm we offer. It's much larger than a Red Worm, and even quite a bit larger than the European Nightcrawler. They have a similar diameter as the European Nightcrawler, but they are generally longer at maturity.  An African that is 8 inches or longer at full maturity is not unheard of. They are excellent for both fishing and composting. However, African's are a tropical worm and therefore cannot take cooler conditions like the Red Worms and the European Nightcrawlers can. Also they are a little more picky about their bin conditions. If things aren’t just right in your composting bin, they will try to escape - literally. The last thing you want is a prison break when the "warden" isn't around! If you are just starting out with composting worms, we recommend you try the Red Worm or the Euro. If you have experience raising worms, these can be a great choice as they are very large, and can process material very fast. In fact, they will create worm castings faster than any other species of worm! Just remember that they are very cold sensitive. While the African is a fantastic earthworm for our friends in the south, it's still possible to raise African's in cooler climates if you are able to house African night crawlers indoors, such as an enclosed garage or barn. It's important to monitor their bedding temperatures in these conditions. Once bedding temperature falls much below 60 F, they are in danger of dying off. Take good care of your African Nightcrawlers, and they will make excellent worm castings very quickly! 

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All of these worms are available for sale right on this website. Check out more about each species of worm on the Worms Superstore page. Find the one (or ones) that suit your needs best, and you can make your purchase securely and we will send them to you as quickly as possible. 

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