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After a brief hiatus, Decker Worm Sales is back and ready to serve our
friends in the Fishing, Organic Gardening & Composting communities! 


Decker Worm Sales is one of the nation's leading suppliers of Earthworms for composting, organic gardening, and fishing. You will find a variety of Earthworms to create the very finest compost for your organic garden. Our Earthworms are also great as fishing bait, as pet food for lizards or other exotic pets, or for educational purposes. 

We currently offer three varieties of Earthworms that are ideal for your compost pile or your gardening projects. The Red Worm or the African Nightcrawler makes for an ideal partner for making worm manure, also known as worm castings.  Worm manure is nature's finest organic fertilizer. The European Nightcrawler can also be a friend to those seeing to make rich natural organic fertilizer via composting.


​​We love our fisherman! We offer great live bait for people who love fishing with worms. The European Nightcrawler is a fantastic fresh or salt water fish bait, while African Nightcrawlers make fine fresh water bait! Both earthworms  are available in the Worms Superstore

Not sure which worm species is best for your project? Visit the Earthworm Varieties page for an overview of each species of worm offered. Next, head over to the Worms Superstore page. Once there, click on the Earthworm you are most interested in for more information about that species of worm, pricing, care instructions, shipping information, and our live delivery guarantee. 

Find the variety and amount you wish to purchase and add it directly to your cart and pay using the latest online security technology. Check out by check, PayPal, or any major credit card, and we will process your worm order as quickly as possible. Note that the shopping cart is not compatible with the Internet Explorer web browser.  

Homeowner's wishing to create their own amazing organic compost will love Red Worms or African Nightcrawlers, a composting favorite in southern climates or for those that can provide enough warmth indoors in colder climates. Both of these species literally eat their weight through kitchen waste, as well as other organic matter such as newspaper, cardboard, hardwood leaves, etc. African's create worm castings more quickly than any other domesticated worm species, while Red Worms are not far behind and quite tolerant of a variety of conditions.


With either species, the end result produces the finest and richest compost available, called worm castings, worm poop or worm manure. Composting with worms, also called vermicomposting, is a fantastic way to dispose of organic waste. Not only are you saving space in landfills, it gives your worms a happy place to call home - with free room and board, and all the free food they can handle! This is worm nirvana! Visit the Composting Information page for more information, including a step by step guide to creating your own compost bin. 

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